The various sponsors of Technothlon 2020!

The Title Sponsor of Technothlon

EscaVel EdTech

Key-Learning Partner of Technothlon

ScholAR is an educational product designed by Escavel Edtech LLP to significantly aid the learning process for High-schoolers. ScholAR is an attempt to engender a digital transformation in education.
ScholAR contains highly immersive, interactive content developed using 3D and mixed reality technologies. It is designed to significantly improve visualization of complex concepts, thus enabling easier understanding and intensifying the overall learning process. ScholAR aims to bring the laboratory and outside world into the classroom and living room with its highly interactive platform which would explain complex concepts in science using examples from common daily occurrences.
It is based on the fact that “Experiment based learning” will engage students’ minds and thus enable teachers to impart real education quickly and effectively. We believe 3D and AR based education mixed with ML solutions will provide an efficient platform for the highest levels of knowledge retention.
EscaVel strongly believes that "learning by doing" creates the best impact to the learning process - and has therefore attempted to Supercharge Experiential Learning with ScholAR.
For more information, please refer to our websites: escavel.in , scholarlabs.in .

The Coding partner of Technothlon

Codeyoung is an initiative that treads on the path of creating a generation of leaders with admirable cognitive abilities and confidence, a generation of youth that innovates and is zealous in all its endeavours.Coding opens up a plethora of opportunities for children, from developing thier own applications and games to creating informative websites . Training young children coding is a step forward towards building a generation of problem solvers and curious minds that aren't afraid of looking for productive ways of doing things and creating new ones if need be. Codeyoung teaches a variety of courses ranging from JavaScript, python, coding, building apps and more to children as young as 5 years of age and teens . Codeyoung hones thier entrepreneurial skills and passion to pursue the ideas and interests of their hearts. Click here to know more.