T'18 Mains : War of the Worlds (Hauts)
About T'18 Mains : War of the Worlds (Hauts)
It's the year 2050, Human kind is on the verge of extinction, world population has touched the 12 billion mark. Most countries decimated, entire continents rendered uninhabitable. Technothlon 2018 witnessed “ War of The World” where the students time traveled to year 2050 only to ascertain that the world is in peril. With only 50 surviving nations at war, its in the hand of the leader of the country, a team of two to strive to survive, show dominance, maintain the economy and keep in check the welfare of their citizens just as when the discovery of “Vibranium”, the key to the salvation of Mankind brings in all the chaos, for now it’s a mad-rush to see who collects it to the supreme and rise above all.