T'18 Mains : The Big Short (Juniors)
About T'18 Mains : The Big Short (Juniors)
After a successful Prelims this year, Technothlon Mains began this year with “The Big Short” Ever wondered how your parents manage their money and resources for your bright future?? Ever thought of becoming a businessman?? Ever thought of making your own superhero?? I know it’s getting interesting This event was all about bringing these thought processes into implementation where the students were given the opportunity to build their own Superhero by buying commodities keeping in mind a variety of situations and some future planning.This event taught students about some of the financial concepts and made teams to apply them throughout the event.All the teams applied their situation analysing and future planning skills with the amount of money they had and took a step closer about how a Businessman thinks and How their parents manage things to make their child’s future bright.