T'18 Mains : CheXplode (Juniors)
About T'18 Mains : CheXplode (Juniors)
Players lining up, getting their army together, ready to pit against each other, and devising their strategies, combing up their defences, protecting their king with their utmost might, for if a close acquaintance of the king is kidnapped, thus ends the reign of the mighty ruler- In this Game of CheXplode, you win or you die, there is no middle ground in between. With chaos all around, there is one way out- Blow up the enemy king by capturing its closest and loyal supporters or corner the king and attack it. With each capture of enemy having its own consequences, affecting both you and your enemy, it’s time to gather all your wits, to tactically manoeuvre your loyal soldiers around, for this is the path to your fame.