T'15 Mains : Final Showdown (Hauts)
About T'15 Mains : Final Showdown (Hauts)
#Event8 On Day 3, the top five teams from the Hauts squad faced off in the Final Showdown. The winner was decided after three rounds: (i) Each team challenged their participants to a “puzzle-off”, where only the team which solved puzzles the fastest prevailed. (ii) The teams were left stranded on Mars, where they had to shrewdly allocate their resources to grow food, build shelter and defend themselves from storms, diseases and possible alien invasion. (iii) In a test of memory and wit, they had to deduce the cards present with the opponents and their their own team-mates in the game of "Dynamo". Congratulations to Yash Mehta and M V Nikhil, the winners of Technothlon'15 Hauts. #T15