T'15 Mains : Final Showdown Juniors
About T'15 Mains : Final Showdown Juniors
#Event7 After three intriguing and gruelsome events, the top 5 teams of the juniors squad so far, faced each other in never-seen-before challenges called "Apocalypso - The Final Battle". The event was divided into 3 further sub events - (i) Heal The Queen : The participants had to solve puzzles in order to be able to get clues which would lead them to certains magic potions, which on mixing would give rise to colours. All of them together lead to a magic medicine which was asked in the form of a Jackpot Question. (ii) SIPS : Short for "Steal Investigate Philosopher\'s Stone and Split" this event checked the convincing power of the participants, as they talked to each other in order to split point among themselves. There arose many cases of fooling and backstabbing, and was the most entertaining round of them all. (iii) Logic Of Hands : A unique board-and-card game, which involved elementary knowledge of logic gates, in order to complete their own pyramid, involving a lot of twists and turns. Congratulations to Khushi and Stuti - The overall Technothlon Junior Squad champions! #T15