T'15 Mains : Water Escape To Glory (Juniors)
About T'15 Mains : Water Escape To Glory (Juniors)
#Event5 \Water Escape to Glory"... As the name suggest, in the first event of Day 2, Technothlon gives the finalist their first experienced to compressed-fluid rockets or the Water Rockets. Get to know the basics of construction and working of a Water Rocket, put in your innovation and create your master piece. Test it yourself in the testing time and do your modifications to make it better. Finally, give your best in the trials and launch your Water Rockets and make them glide through the air to achieve the maximum distance. Experience the fun of getting wet out of the splash of your own hand made rockets. To our own surprise, the finalist achieved what we never imagined could be achieved with the given resources. Contratulations to Divyansh Rai and Shreyas Shukla, the winners of this event. Congratulations to Hemant and Tarun, the runners up, for achieving the humongous distance of 92 feet in one of their trials which was the maximum throughout the event. #T15