T'15 Mains : Poké Quest (Juniors)
About T'15 Mains : Poké Quest (Juniors)
#Event3 "Poké Quest"... The adventure begins with a dream and motivation. There are no ways to escape from the epic battle, that will lead you to become a master! Technothlon gives the juniors their second challenge, this time with a machine programmed to fight with them and bring out the best of them all. The challenge was to become a Pokémon master. The expedition was full of hurdles of all kinds- battles with Pokémons, mind games, solving mysteries and finally crushing the ultimate villain, Team-Rocket. All the teams played to their fullest potential, but like any other game there had to emerge a winner. Congratulations Ajay and Harish (Team Germanium), the winners of this event. Pokémons around the world are waiting for you, gotta catch 'em all!