T'14 Mains : Promenade : Final Showdown
About T'14 Mains : Promenade : Final Showdown
The phrase “Expect the unexpected” perfectly describes the final mains event of Technothlon – The International School Championship. All the events of the mains are nerve-raking enough. Add to that the pressure of the championship decider in a surprise format round where the top 5 teams compete against each other head-on, and you get recipe of the Grand Finale of Technothlon, “The Final Showdown”. Remember: “It is neither the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most adaptable to change.” -Charles Darwin In the final release of T'14 Mains Promenade we present you few glimpses of this Final Gladiatorial Round. Winners Of Technothlon 2014 : Juniors : 1. Venkata Nikhil Medam & Yash Mehta 2. Milli Chakraborty & Kaavya Sahu 3. Aditya khanna & Dhruv kundu Hauts : 1. Abhay Kumar& Abhinav Jain 2. Shrey Kakker & Vasu Verma 3. Ankit Rastogi& Shreenath M Heartiest Congratulations to all of you :) .