T'14 Mains : Promenade - NIC : Doomsday (Hauts)
About T'14 Mains : Promenade - NIC : Doomsday (Hauts)
A test of analytical and deductive skills for the Hauts squad, the NIC: Doomsday materialized after days of meticulous planning and extensive plotting. Bringing the teams right into the heart of the Cold War era, the event boasted of never-seen-before concepts like live action enactments and suspect interrogations, and summed it all up with the traditional crime scene investigation, albeit with added twists. We bring to you the fourth release of T'14 Mains Promenade - NIC:Doomsday, the ultimate CSI simulation. Winners of NIC:Doomsday : Shrey Kakker & Vasu Verma