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Technothlon, started with the aim of inspiring young minds, in its 15 years of span, has strived to identify the budding talent across the country and nurture and inspire them to be great future leaders of the country. With each and every possible way out to promote out of the box thinking amongst the students, Technothlon had started with its new campaign “Learn.Experience.Discover (LED)”. Through this initiative, we demonstrate to the school students, simple experiments, so as to explain to them the basic principles of science which otherwise they might be learning by rote. How many of you in your school days felt it was difficult to follow even the fundamentals of science or else it made you feel like a book worm while turning the pages of your book and learning those definitions. Now, imagine, those very concepts are explained to you in a lucid manner using simple objects of everyday life. You would not even find it interesting and enjoyable but also, very less are the chances that you will forget those principles ever in your life.
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With the vision to reach to each and every child in the country, we need a movement of leaders across all sectors that are committed to, and will work towards, helping us in realising our endeavor of inspiring young minds. Those who think, they are capable of putting a transformational impact on the students and being our partners in inspiring young minds may join us and contact us for other details.
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